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Chris brown 12 strands matrix

Had an epiphany, and this what it seems. These smoking mirrors don't wanna believe. For far too long they've been plottin on me. The stories unfolding now, it's a conspiracy. [Hook] Starting to feel like a deja vu. I remember being here, must be a glitch in the matrix. Look around they all got the same face on. I'm standing by. 4 Oct Stream Chris Brown '12 Strands (Matrix) (Mini Movie)' Video, the latest video from Chris Brown. Thoughts? Chris Brown's odds keep getting better with each ne. 12 Strands (Matrix) Coming Soon! Stay tuned for the release date Click here for more 12Strands.

Watch the music video for Chris Brown's single 12 Strands: Matrix [Mini-Movie] with lyrics to sing along to. 21 Sep “12 Strands: Matrix” is Coming. Chris' new project is amazing. Its a video for “12 Strands: Matrix” and it will premiere as a pay-per-view video on , on September 27th at 8PM EST. To get you ready, here is the trailer. Stay tuned until the 27th. 30 Jun Colin Tilley will direct the music video. ?v= trO09ADVbTU.


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