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In-Beam Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy

E. Clément, A. Görgen, E. Bouchez, A. Chatillon, W. Korten, Y. Le Coz, Ch. Theisen, C. Andreoiu, F. Becker, B. Blank, C. Borcea, A. Buta, P. Butler, J. M. Casandjian, W. N. Catford, T. Czosnyka, A. Emsallem, G. de France, J. Genevey, J. Gerl, F. Hannachi, K. Hauschild, R.‐D. Herzberg, A. Hürstel, J. Iwanicki, D. Jenkins. 1 Dec From these measurements six new levels were placed in the level scheme of $^{ 82}\mathrm{Sr}$ at , , , , , and keV. A gamma ray with a very high anisotropy [${A}_{2}$=(7), ${A}_{4}$=(6)] feeds the ${(11}^{\mathrm{\ensuremath{-}}}$) level at keV. 10 Dec Abstract. In-beam γ-ray spectroscopy is a powerful tool to investigate new excited states and the properties of very exotic nuclei. At the Radioactive Isotope.

The scintillator material LaBr3:Ce, which was discovered in , has grown in popularity for a variety of applications in homeland security and nuclear medicine . In this paper we investigate its use for nuclear science spectroscopy applications in the context of in-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy with fast ion beams. In such. 15 Jul Abstract: We report on the first in-beam -ray spectroscopy of \nuc{23}{Al} using two different reactions at intermediate beam energies: inelastic scattering off \nuc {9}{Be} and heavy-ion induced one-proton pickup, \nuc{9}{Be}(\nuc{22}{Mg},\nuc{ 23}{Al})X, at MeV/nucleon. A -ray transition at (8) keV. 17 Dec Abstract: Ultra-sensitive in-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy studies for nuclear astrophysics are performed at the LUNA (Laboratory for Underground Nuclear Astrophysics) kV accelerator, deep underground in Italy's Gran Sasso laboratory. By virtue of a specially constructed passive shield, the.

In-Beam Gamma Ray Spectroscopy of. Co. M. A. G. Silveira, N. H. Medina, J. R. B. Oliveira, J. A. Alcântara-Nu˜nez, E. W.. Cybulska, H. Dias, M. N. Rao, R. V. Ribas, W. A. Seale, and K. T. Wiedemann. Instituto de Fısica, Universidade de S˜ ao Paulo, S˜ao Paulo, SP, Brazil. Received on 12 November, The odd-odd . 25 Sep One hundred years after the discovery of the atomic nucleus by Ernest Rutherford , the nuclear chart has been extended far from stability, providing more and more stringent tests for nuclear models. Nuclei at the extremes of the chart are produced with extremely low production cross-sections and one has to. H Morinaga and T Yamazaki Amsterdam: North Holland pp xiv + price $ To the practitioner of 'In-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy' the names of the authors are familiar from their many original contributions to the literature. In this book they have set themselves the ambitious task of describing the theoretical.


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