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Just dance kpop wii

25 Apr Just another example of how everything in Asia is newer, better, and cooler than the USA Korean game developer Sknoec is creating the first and only K-pop Wii game—but it will be exclusive to Korea! Released April 25th and dubbed K-Pop Dance Festival, the game will be similar to Just Dance, but with. Learn about Just Dance exclusive songs. Available Fall 28 Jun Hello, Friends photo tumblr_mgffg3uxrh1rev8xjo1__zps5f9fgif. After A long search of torrentz and Downloadz, I have found one that contain the new Wii Korean Game: " KPOP DANCE FESTIVAL" Is a game that seems just like JUST DANCE but with KPOP SOngs, It also have Fantastic BABY!.

Gameplay and Features. The aim of the game is to follow the on-screen dancer's moves, either with the use of a handheld remote (Wii, Wii U, PS3, and PS4) or a camera (Xbox , Xbox One, and PS4). The phone option returns with a new app called, Just Dance: Korean Edition Controller. Party Master Mode has returned. K-pop Dance Festival is Wii-only Dance video game developed and published by Skonec Entertainment. This game was released April 25, for South Korea. Contents. [hide]. 1 Modes; 2 Songs List. s; s; s; s. 3 References. Modes[edit]. This game includes 3 difficulty modes. 26 Feb I don't know about anyone else, but I love playing Just Dance. It's one of my favorite dancing games on the market, and I love how the latest few editions have been using more recent song releases as its music. But, here's my question: why haven't they used kpop yet? In my opinion, kpop has a rhythm.

K-pop Dance Festival: Cover Dance Nintendo Wii Korean Exclusive gangnam style Psy, Kara, Bigbang: : PC & Video Games. : K-pop Dance Festival: Cover Dance Nintendo Wii Korean Exclusive Psy, Kara, Bigbang: Video Games. Just Dance - Wii Nintendo Wii. Ubisoft . November 10, PLEASE MAKE THIS AVAILABLE FOR PEOPLE IN AMERICA SO THAT WE DON'T NEED A KOREAN WII Just do it, please. <3.


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