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Oxygen xml editor and xslt debugger download

Oxygen xml editor and xslt debugger

Oxygen XSLT Debugger helps you spot possible bugs in your XSL stylesheets using the most common XSLT transformation engines, Saxon and Xalan. Oxygen offers XSLT debugging support based on the most commonly used XSLT processors, Xalan and Saxon. The debugging configuration can be re-used . This demonstration provides an example of using the XSLT Debugger.

Oxygen provides a special layout for the debugging mode. It displays the XML source and the XSLT stylesheet side by side, and also offers dedicated XSLT debugging views and toolbars. Multiple XSLT Processors. You can choose between the most popular Java XSLT engines (Xalan, Saxon 6, Saxon EE), which are bundled with Oxygen. Also, you can perform XSLT transformations using MSXML //.NET and XSLTProc transformers, or you can configure any JAXP compliant XSLT processor and use it. Flacky XSLT Debugger. Sat Jan 24, pm. I've been using Oxygen for about 5 years now, upgrading with every new release. Sometimes I regret ever upgrading. The debugger has become more and more unreliable with every upgrade. I continue to expect a better experience and continue to be disappointed.

Full debugging support similar with the XSLT Debugger. Oxygen XML Editor helps you find and fix the bugs that may be present in your XQuery documents. Oxygen XML provides comprehensive debugging facilities for XSLTs. It offers features comparable to source-code debuggers like gdb, including breakpoints, the ability to look at the current context and "memory", and single-stepping through the XSLT. It can debug both XSLT version and. Oxygen is a multi-platform XML Editor, XML Author, XSLT/XQuery Debugger and Profiler.


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