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Apr 20, Nurse With Wound - Discografia (Parte 6). Pais: Reino Unido. Genero: Experimental/Noise/Dark Ambient - Lumbs Sister. Tracklist: 01 - Part 1/Part 2 02 - Part 9/Part LINK: Mediafire - Split with Sol Invictus & Current Tracklist: Sol Invictus: 01 - Fields Current 02 - The Death Of The Corn. 8 Abr Pais: Reino Unido. Genero: Experimental/Noise/Dark Ambient - Drunk With The Old Man Of The Mountains. Tracklist: 01 - Mounring Smile 02 - Swamp Rat 03 - Sheela-Na-Gig 04 - Astral Dustbin Dirge 05 - Shattering Man Falling LINK: Mediafire - Nurse With Wound And The Hafler Trio Hit Again. Sep 29, Jumping forward 28 years from last week's chaotic snapshot of young NWW at its most unfocused, we arrive at the laser-precision night terror that is The Surveillance Lounge. Almost a distillation of all of Stapleton's greatest devices of creeping unease - disembodied voices, sinister drones, crackly record.

20 Αυγ. Nurse With Wound LOSSLESS & MP3 - Part 1. Εχω ξεμεινει απο χωρο στους σκληρους δισκους, οποτε σκεφτηκα μερικες δισκογραφιες να τις καβαντζωσω online μιας και το ειναι κιμπαρικο. Μια απο αυτες (νταξ, λειπουν μερικες κυκλοφοριες) ειναι των NWW τα τεμαχια - Chance Meeting On. Feb 28, Nurse With Wound – "Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table Of A Sewing Machine And An Umbrella" (United Dairies – UD 01) Without self released tapes and vinyl the Industrial scene . However, my wife & I have used this: 3 August at Mar 29, Material seems to be a mix ov NWW Early material and audio recordings that are certainly not Nurse With Wound. Most Likely a home made bootleg by John ZeWizz. Steven Stapleton was more than annoyed about this Tape and Devices 2 when brought up in conversation during " I doubted whether I.

Apr 3, Nurse With Wound - L'Âge D'Or. LP Label: Concrete Company, Canada, Limited edition of copies. Ripped by Bimbo Ducasse Live unofficial release, featuring Annie Anxiety, John Balance, Knori, Diana Rogerson, Tim Spy, Steven Stapleton, David Tibet, Chris Wallis, Ruby Wallis. DOWNLOAD. Posts about nurse with wound written by noisenoisenoise. Apr 25, nurse with wound. paratopic information on some rare tracks: a cd-r released in germany in as a limited edition of 50 copies. vermutlich hi lucky. thank you for your info and feedback. yes: it is a feature of / on blogspot: you can add rss-or-atom-feeds to your template. and referring to the music.


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