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Purine food list pdf

purine table and information. Page 1. HIGHEST IN PURINES ( mg. uric acid/ g and higher). Foods (alphabetically). Total Purines in mg uric acid/ g ( Average). Min. Max. Nutrition Density in mg/MJ. Fish, sardines in oil. Liver, Calf's. Mushroom, flat, edible Boletus, dried. •Wholegrains - bran, oatbran,wholemeal bread. Low purine foods. •Dairy - milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter. •Eggs. •Bread and cereals - (except wholegrain). •Pasta and noodles. •Fruit and vegetables (see moderate purine list). How much protein do you need? Generally you need about 1g of protein per kg of body weight ( 70kg. Not everyone needs to follow a rigid diet to treat gout, but avoiding foods that are high in purines may help. Check with your doctor or dietitian to see if you should follow this diet. Important Points to Keep in Mind. • Avoid high-purine foods. See attached lists. • Avoid or limit alcohol. Alcohol increases purine production.

Drink plenty of non alcohol containing beverages. cups per day. LOW PURINE FOODS AND BEVERAGES: Eat or drink the following things as often as you like while following an eating plan for staying at a good body weight. You may also eat any other foods that are not on the medium and high purine food lists above. 17 Jul And long before the cause of gout was understood, doctors had observed some benefit of a restricted diet on gout management. For many years, treatment for gout focused on eliminating all foods that had moderate to high amounts of purine. The list of foods to avoid was long, which made the diet difficult to. Other foods to avoid: High fat foods such as cream sauses, fried foods and foods containing trans fat. (partically hydrogenated vegetable oils). Avoiding purine-rich foods is only one aspect of treatment, drink plenty of fluids/water, exercise and maintain a healthy body weight. Diets designed for quick or extreme weight loss.

Purines are found in foods and our cells where it forms part of our DNA, and becomes uric acid when broken down completely. Purines build up when we eat too many high-purine foods, our cells die and genetic material gets recycle, or our kidneys don't eliminate uric acid properly. The most well-known condition related to. Purines are substances naturally found in the body and in food. Some foods contain a lot of purines. When your body breaks down purines, uric acid is formed . Uric acid travels through the blood to the kidneys, then passes out through the urine. Kidney problems can cause higher levels of uric acid in the blood. If uric acid in. a low purine diet is recommended for people who have kidney stones, gout and sometimes for people who have an organ transplant. The diet is often used with medication to lower uric acid levels. Important points to keep in mind: • Avoid high purine foods (see list below). • Limit high fat foods. • Limit or avoid alcohol.


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