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1. Make sure you have Visual Studio NET installed. 2. Select Tools-> Options from the menu. 3. Select a device, and then click Configure 4. Select a serialport on the PC you want to be the COM1: on the Pocket PC emulator. http:// ?print=2&platform=netcf (3 of 7) Franson Technology AB, All rights reserved. Developer's Guide. Franson SerialTools ActiveX Windows. Install. Install SerialTools SDK describes how to install SerialTools SDK for development. Develop. Visual Basic samples. How to get up and running using Visual Basic and SerialTools. A description of all. Hard & Software has joined with Franson Technology AB, a software company located in Stockholm, Sweden to offer the Franson line of programming tools for applications using serial communications and GPS/GIS. These include SerialTools, GPSGate, and GPSTools. SerialTools version provides full control of the.

10 May Franson Support Hello Johan, thank you for prompt and frank reply. Despite previously being very happy with product quality and support(fabulous!!), we now feel left in the dark. I came across this topic after changing my laptop to 64bit and had problems with compiling an app that uses Serial Tools. A tool to provide a visual means to send and receive data through serial ports. FREE. Serial Port Control. Tool for control intended for simplification of serial port communication tasks. Windows SideShow Managed Runtime. It installs the runtime componentsrequired to run gadgets for Windows SideShow. 28 Feb Franson SerialTools RunTime is a free addin for SerialTools. SerialTools is the easiest way to include serial port support in your application!Many samples, easy guides to get started and a very straight forward API makes SerialTools simple to use even for a novice programmer. For the more advanced.

0 Misc. Office Suites Support Tools. Franson Coordtrans Serial Numbers. Create, Visual BasicActiveX)., manage virtual serial ports 3. Sep 09, Franson SerialTools RunTime is a free addin for SerialTools. Using Virtual Serial Port SDK you can create franson anew" serial port on your computer. GPS Pathfinder Tools. 4 Jun Yes, that is Franson- an old version of it (it has been called serial tools, GPS Gate , GPS Gate Splitter, perhaps other things). I don't remember now but I had some problem with?win8 or 10 and that old package. So it is best to install the up to date version. Just install and forget- I've never even configured it. Selection of software according to "Franson serial tools 64 bit" topic.


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