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Mohaa liberation mod

28 Aug Mod PK3. PK3 MD5. Mod External Info -. Game Type -. MOHAA. Mod Creator -. sorridstroker. Mod Status -. Working some errors. Team -. Theme -. Rating. Extra Credits -. Iinstall / info. In Liberation the main goal is to eliminate the other team. Every time a player is killed he will re-spawn inside a jail cell. 28 Aug Here you will find clans and players of MOHAA AKA MEDIAL OF HONOR ALLIED ASSAULT, league matches, friendly matches, info, help and support, One of the largest collections of MOHAA custom maps and mods, Forums and Blogs where you can post about your clan or MOHAA in general. Try out the. Kick Nades V, Weapon, Mk 2 Grenade, Server Side, MOHAA, sorridstroker. Ladder Mod, Map, N/A, Server Side, MOHAA, sorridstroker. View from inside jail cell, Liberation Gametype, Gametype, N/A, Server Side, MOHAA, sorridstroker. Uber Basebuilder V, Gametype, N/A, Server Side, MOHAA, SearingWolfe, Elgan.

Note: This feature does not work in MoHAA // but may be implemented in future . seta anticham "0" // works only with anticham mod //** Sets server update check delay Default. Man im pulling my hair out right now, i ve been searching how to start the Liberation mod on SH and server wont start.. Im using. 22 Sep Modifications. All the games in the Allied Assault series are quite easy to mod so there are tons of weapon skins and custom maps available. two titles multiplayer component. The liberation game mode were released in a patch to Spearhead so people could even play that game mode against each other. Whell thx for picking my map mod this is vol.1 and i have a vol.2 but right now i am working on vol.3 so here is vol.1 and see what you think?? Download Farm House Liberation Final - Multiplayer Map. Download Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough Demo +extra | MB. Here are more maps to .

18 Aug I heard that there where or still are liberation mod/maps for cod/coduo.. I play the game from the beginning and have never came across such gameplay.. Searched over the internet for ot, but no.. only vage things so maybe it never excisted or it's to long ago. But i loved the Liberation mode in Mohaa.. i. 14 Jan 3 (it contains bot script for all BT stock Liberation maps, can only be played in tdm mode only). Credits: ======== 1. jv_map for making such an excellent bots 2. Bdbodger his Botmap maker system helped me a lot. 3. me;) All bot scripts for the stock maps (6 AA maps, 13 SP maps. 19 Mar Marcomix's Real Weapons Project is a mod for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, created by Marcomix. Description. This project aims to give a more realistic feeling to the weaponry in games (expecially the "old" ones). It offers new HD skins, slightly better models, new animations plus option to use Ironsights.


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