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Hikari Ōe is a Japanese composer who has autism. He is the son of Japanese author Kenzaburō Ōe and Yukari Ikeuchi, the younger sister of director Juzo Itami . Contents. [hide]. 1 Biography; 2 Hikari reflected in the works of the Nobel laureate; 3 Selected works; 4 References; 5 External links; 6 Notes. Biography[ edit]. The music is very beautiful. Although Hikari Oe is a contemporary composer he seems more influenced by the "classic" classical composers rather than the modern ones. I was really surprised by how emotive these pieces were as well as the range of emotions expressed. Some songs are simple and others are more. In his liner notes, Kenzaburo Oe describes his son's music as that of "a soul of wailing in darkness." This description fits "Grief No. 3," "Grief No. 2," and " Requiem for Mrs. I," as well as a few others, but most of the selections have a kind of quiet joy in them that refreshes the soul. I happen to enjoy classical music very much.

1. Favorite Waltz, for flute & piano · Hikari Oe · Akiko Ebi. 2. Forest Ballad, for piano · Hikari Oe · Akiko Ebi. 3. Nocturne, for flute & piano · Hikari Oe · Akiko Ebi. 4. Birthday Waltz, for piano · Hikari Oe · Akiko Ebi. 5. Ave Maria, for piano · Franz Schubert · Akiko Ebi. 6. Bluebird March, for piano · Hikari Oe. 1, A Favourite Waltz, 2, Forest Ballad, 3, Nocturne, 4, Birthday Waltz, 5, Ave Maria, 6, Bluebird March, 7, Star, 8, Mister Prelude, 9, Waltz In A Minor, 10, Rondo, 11, Summer In Kitakaru, 12, Winter, 13, Requiem For M, 14, Lullaby For Keiko, 5, Minuet For Children, 6, Baroque Waltz, 7, Summer Holidays, 8 , Merry Waltz, 9, Siciliano In E Minor, 10, Adagio In D Minor, 11, Salzburg, 12, Grief No.2, 13, Wistful Adagio, 14, Nocturnal Capriccio, 15, Andante Cantabile, 16, Sonatina In C Major: I - Allegro,

More than ten years have now passed since Hikari Oe began to compose music. Ever since childhood, Hikari seems to have gained distinct aural images from the experience of watching snow fall and listening to birds sing. As he has grown older, he has come to want to express himself by ordering the sounds which pass .


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