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Time warp discovery

Time Warp is a popular science-themed television program produced for the Discovery Channel in the United States, in which Jeff Lieberman, an MIT scientist , teacher, and artist, along with high speed camera expert Matt Kearney, use their high speed camera to examine everyday occurrences and singular talents. With Jeff Lieberman, Matt Kearney, Eric Boardman, Jim Bales. Time Warp reveals our world in astonishing and spectacular new ways, by radically changing the lens of time. See and appreciate things that are normally beyond our senses or take place much too quickly, or too slowly for us to appreciate. The 'Time Warp' lab bring in their cameras and capture some amazing footage.

IN A WORLD WHERE EVERYTHING IS SPEEDING UP, TIME WARP SLOWS IT DOWN TO UNVEIL THE MOTION OF HIGH-VELOCITY EVENTS IN SPECTACULAR CLARITY. Do you know how your dog uses its tongue to drink? How does a face contort when punched by a UFC contender? What happens when an apple is. Hosts Jeff Lieberman and Matt Kierney are back to show us more events that our human eyes and natural senses are missing out on, with the new season of TIME WARP. Using cutting-edge technologies and high-speed digital photography, Jeff and Matt capture seemingly ordinary actions in extraordinary light. Witness the. A PROMO SHOT WITH THE PHANTOM CAMERA FOR DISCOVERY CHANNEL SHOW TIME WARP BY MRS. K.


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