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Db2 LUW was initially called Db2 Universal Database (UDB), but over time IBM marketing started to use the same term for other database products, notably mainframe (z-Series) Db2. Thus the Db2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows moniker became necessary to distinguish the common server Db2 LUW product from. 25 Oct Before getting into the similarities and differences between DB2 UDB for Linux, UNIX, Windows and DB2 UDB for z/OS, I wanted to spend just a bit of time talking about naming and packaging. If you hang around DB2 people or go to a DB2 conference you may here any or all of the following terms used to. Common tasks. Install DB2 servers. Installing the DB2 pureScale® Feature · Install IBM data server clients or drivers. Upgrade to DB2 Version Upgrading a DB2 pureScale server.

28 Mar There are multiple ways of getting the tablespace I/O Stats from a db2 udb luw database. Getting the delta information is the tricky part, one of the ways of getting this info Tested in a DB2 UDB LUW V Database. 1. Create a table like this create table sp like sp. (Note: This table. 1 Sep DB2 product editions available for z/OS and Linux, UNIX, Windows (LUW) are so different that DB2 database administrators must often possess different skills to deliver on different platforms. This article will help you get started with DB2 that is available on the other platform. It assumes that you would. 15 Feb DB2 UDB LUW. As an extra precaution step to see what impact an index recommended by the db2 index advisor would have on a query execution plan, you may want to evaluate the impact before creating the actual index.. DB2 has the capability, to Evaluate Indexes Recommended by DB2 Advisor.

20 Apr Read about DB2 LUW Version 11 and five important features that you and your application developers will love from Dave Beulke. Viewing Audit Information · Creating Queries to View Audit Records Details · Using Microsoft SQL Server Trigger Information · Using DB2 UDB for z/OS Trigger Information. Using DB2 UDB for Linux, Unix, and Windows (LUW) Trigger Information. Using Oracle Trigger Information · Using Sybase Trigger Information .


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