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Mystifier - Wicca. Mystifier - Wicca. Type: Full-length Country of origin: Brazil. Location: Salvador, Bahía. Status: Active. Formed in: Genre: Black/ Death Metal. Lyrical themes: Anti-Christianity, Satanism, Occultism. DOWNLOAD. Publicadas por Ancalagon a la/s 30 Aug Mystifier - Wicca (). This is the Warfuck Records reissue with two covers as bonus tracks. Tracklist: 1. The Witch Voisin Recites Our Gloat (Intro) / Osculum Obscenum 2. Tormentum Aeternu 3. Cursed Excruciation 4. Defloration (The Antichrist Lives) 5. (Invocacione) The Almighty Satanas 6. 11 Mar Mystifier (Bra) - Wicca () This album has a very muddy sound and a lot of rumbling low end to it, with some very strange vocal effects in places. A lot of songs heard on this album are also re-recorded, re-named and re-written and featured on the next album Göetia. It is for these reasons I do not rate this.

2 Apr [Discografia] Mystifier [MediaFire]. Ciudad de Origen:Brasil. Localización: Salvador. Formada Genero:Black/Death Metal. Letras:Ocultismo, Satanismo. Wicca (). Descarga. Göetia (). Descarga. The World Is So Good That Who Made It Doesn't Live Here (). Descarga Profanus (). 9 jan. Mystifier - Wicca - - Download. Gênero: Black Metal. 01 - Intro. 02 - Osculum Obscenum. 03 - Tormentum Aeternu. 04 - Cursed Excruciation. 05 - Defloration ( The Antichrist Lives). 06 - (Invocacione) The Almighty Satanas. 07 - The Dark Kingdom (T.E.A.R.). 08 - An Elizabethan Devil-Worshipper's. 12 dez. Mystifier é uma banda de Black Metal, brasileira criada no ano de por Leandro Kastyphas (Vocais, Baixo, Teclado) e Beelzeebubth (Guitarra). Wicca ( ). 1. The Witch Voisin Recites Our Gloat. 2. Osculum Obscenum. 3. Tormentum Aeternum. 4. Cursed Excruciation. 5. Defloration (The Antichrist.

1 Aug Brazil's MYSTIFIER bring plenty of desirable elements to the table with their debut full-length, Wicca: a shit-ton of tinny, flailing, drum-machiney blastbeats, indecipherable, effects-drenched vocals, weird chanting and solemn incantations , weedly-weedly tapping solos, chunky, farting bass, and ethereal. Take a tour through my private vinyl MUSeUM Rossolatos MUSeUM Chamber I ?v=JR3KjwEffvI /02/ Rossolatos MUSeUM Chamber I I 15 Jul I saw this CD being touted as ex-Mystifier when browsing through a distro list; that immediately piqued my interest so I went ahead and bought it--sure enough, 20 years after Wicca, Meugninuosoan has resurfaced in Ad Baculum handling all guitarwork and vocals. There's no real semblance to old Mystifier.


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