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17 Mar Steam Workshop: Garry's Mod. This addon is not made by me! The addon is extract from the addon Half Life Resurection. This sweps allow you to possess some NPC (You can possess player). With this swep/script you can posses other players. This means: move them, make them shoot, spray, flashlight etc. [b]This Swep is admin only![/b] But there is more. With the custom menu that opens when you press Q you can [list] [*]make him select a tool [*]Change the settings of the tool he is holding [*]Make him spawn. For Garry's Mod Image 1 Added Steam ID restriction: You can put your steam ID in a config file so ONLY YOU can use the swep even if someone who is not in the list is superadmin he won't be able to Also the player possessor SWEP gets removed on a client when he's being possessed.

You can use this tool to spawn, slay, and control NPCs, this includes making them attack players and NPCs, making them move, or just plain kill them. ** February 3, 08 -Added the ability to control and spawn Actors, plans to create speech are soon to come! --You can make actor's do animations -Added a few new NPCs to. 1 Aug The Possessor gun is in there, but of course, you need GMOD to be able to play with the gun yourself. I think LUA would've been a better move for HL2Wars, concerning the fact we could always use GMOD's stuff, which is mainly player- created (custom stuff is yummy), and is usually fun to play with. 16 May There is or was at least a way to do this in gmod years ago. I remember this script called Player Possessor, an here it is: php?t= and swepzip. «Last Edit: May 19, , AM by Bite That Apple».

SLVBase is a SNPC base created by Silverlan. It has been around since Garry's Mod 10 and has gone through numerous updates. There as been many great addons created that run of SLVBase as well! The only problem is that Silverlan quit modding for the Garry's Mod community. His mods began to break with new. 年2月4日 -life_renaissance_vrar Half-Life_Renaissance v1. Ring-Ding: I used the hornet sent of his Hornet Gun SWep as base for the Alien Grunt and my own hornet gun swep - Q He made the spit effect for The possessor SWEP allows you to take control over a NPC. It doesn't.


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