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Synedit delphi 2010

13 Oct SynEdit is a syntax highlighting edit control, not based on the Windows common controls. SynEdit is compatible with both Delphi and Kylix (C++ Builder mostly works, but is unsupported). delphi syntax highlighter. SynEdit. This is a fork of the Unicode version of SynEdit hosted ad SourceForge. When it became more and more difficult to maintain, Eric Grange decided to fork this project on GitHub. This way it's possible to fork, merge and maintain easier than before. The original project (with the original file) is. SYN_COMPILER_11_UP: Delphi or higher is the compiler. *). (* SYN_COMPILER_ Delphi is the compiler. *). (* SYN_COMPILER_12_UP: Delphi or higher is the compiler. *). (* SYN_COMPILER_ Delphi is the compiler. *). (* SYN_COMPILER_14_UP: Delphi or higher is the compiler. *).

28 Apr Are you sure all your directories are correctly defined? I think the BPL has to be visible in the project. 29 Dec Committed another round of speedups in the SynEdit SVN, and AFAICT SynEdit is now amongst the fastest text and highlighting editors out there! To benchmark it yourself, if you don't have a large text file hanging around, you can make a " meaningful" one easily. Go to Delphi's source\rtl\win directory and. 25 Aug If you are like me and use both UniSynedit components and have just been offered an upgrade to RAD Studio you will find that the components will not compile. At first wondered why and certainly for me couldn't quite work out why they would work in but not Then I though about.

using third party components with addict. Extensibility has always been a key to the long term success of Addict. Addict's parsing model allows for nearly any edit control with a capable API to be used by both Addict's spelling check and thesaurus components. We've partnered with most of the popular third party component.


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