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Past modals exercises download

Past modals exercises

Choose one of the following to complete the sentences. Must have - Might have - Should have - Can't have. 1. John gone on holiday. I saw him this morning downtown. 2. Nobody answered the phone at the clinic. It closed early. 3. I revised more for my exams. I think I'll fail! 4. Sarah looks really pleased with herself. She. Modals of Possibility and Probability for Past Situations - Exercise 1. Choose the correct modal to complete the sentence. Click on the button beside the correct answer. Show questions one by one.. Betty said she was hungry, but she didn't eat very much after all. She. English grammar exercises and quizzes online. Free exercises on Present and Past of Modals.

Could have should have would have. Past modals exercise. Past modals fill-in-the-blank exercise (would have, wouldn't have, could have, couldn't have, may have, may not have, might have, might not have, etc.). End of the free exercise to learn English: Modal verbs and past. A free English exercise to learn English. Other English exercises on the same topic: Modals | All our lessons and exercises.

18 Jun We can use modal verbs to talk about how sure or unsure we are about something in the past just as we use modals in the present with a slight change in the form. He must be really happy about his promotion. (present deduction) He must have been very happy when he was told about his promotion. (past. We use past modals to speculate on past events. Here are some examples: May have / Might have = something possibly happened (but we aren't sure if it did). " They may have left early because of the holiday traffic." (= Maybe they left early) "They might have taken the train." (= Maybe they took the train.) The negative. English grammar practice exercise, intermediate level. In this exercise you will practise using modal verbs to express past probability: must have, can't have, could have, may have, might have. Exercise instructions. Fill in each gap using must have, can't have, could have, may have or might have. There is a grammar.


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