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8 Mar Add "+exec autoexec" into your launch options if it doesn't automatically take effect - this makes your DotA 2 client to execute the file on launch. How to access DotA 2's launch options: For your autoexec changes to take effect you must either restart DotA 2 OR type. 12 Feb -high, Gives Dota 2 priority CPU usage. -useforcedmparms, Allows the use of - noforcemspd and -noforcemaccel. -noforcemaccel, Use the Windows mouse acceleration settings. Only works if -useforcedmparms is set. -noforcemspd, Use the Windows mouse speed settings. Only works if -useforcedmparms. 21 Apr DOTA REFERENCE preset - get latest from ?t= // Save as: Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\ game\dota\cfg\ (make sure extension ) // // To optimally read/edit this cfg, use a text processor featuring chars per.

Hello TLers! After looking around, I realised there were no threads on teamliquid about using config files to customise Dota 2. After a long time lurking I figured this would make a good first post. Dota 2 is built on the source engine which Valve have deliberately made fun to mess around with. Before I go into. 26 Apr Dota 2 is a highly customizable game, and while you should take your time to find what settings work best for you, there are a few things that are very benificial to tweak and learn about early on to have the best time possible playing the game. con_enable "1"; dota_killcam_show 1 // Enables information windows upon death (default 0); dota_sf_hud_killcam 1 // Enables information windows upon death (default 0); dota_health_per_vertical_marker "" // Health segmenting in the lifebar (default ); dota_health_marker_major_alpha "" // Opacity major .

Customize the friendly, neutral and enemy colors and the hero and creep icon sizes in the DotA 2 minimap with this code generator. I think I'm sure I know what you're talking about. First off head to: Steam\ steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg You might already know that but there's your Your current will be altered by your settings ingame though. Keep in mind that most of the settings altered by your 23 Apr It was a finicky to create these config files, requiring a player to learn command lines and diving deep into Dota 2's install directory (e.g. /steam/steamapps/ common/dota 2 beta/dota 2/cfg/). There wasn't a central resource to find out how to do this—the information was passed along via forum threads and.


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